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ASA Chief Executive, appointed Chairwoman of EASA

We are delighted to announce that Advertising Standards Authority’s Chief Executive, Orla Twomey, has been appointed Chairwoman of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)

EASA is an non-profit organisation based in Brussels, which brings together 28 European advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and 14 organisations representing the advertising ecosystem – advertisers, agencies, and the media. 

Orla has a wealth of knowledge in advertising and self-regulation and has worked with EASA for a number of years, including as Vice Chair and as a Board member on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. 

Orla Twomey
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As Chairwoman of EASA, Orla will work with her fellow Officers to support the ad self-regulated network to set out high operational standards for advertising and self-regulatory systems, while continuing to provide a space for the advertising ecosystem to work together at European and international levels to address common challenges – ensuring advertising standards are future-proofed. Orla will lead key stakeholder engagement among EASA’s network and members, with a focus on advertising technological and digital developments, including in the areas of influencer marketing and transparency.

Having worked with EASA for a number of years in many different roles, I am delighted to have been appointed Chairwoman of the organisation. From engaging with EASA’s members and vast network of organisations, I have gained strong knowledge of the advancements and challenges in the European self-regulatory field. I look forward to continuing to work with EASA, supporting not only the EASA network and my fellow Officers, but also consumers, ensuring they are protected from advertising that is harmful, offensive and misleading. It’s a very exciting time for the advertising industry and I look forward to continuing the work of EASA to promote the benefits of self regulation for consumers, the industry and regulators.