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Who We Are

The People behind ASA

Executive team

Orla Twomey

Chief Executive

Michael Lee

Deputy Chief Executive

The Board

The Board is responsible for oversight of the Advertising Standards Authority’s business activities and performance. They also contribute towards drawing up and implementing the Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland.

Miriam Hughes


Barry Dooley – Advertising

Chief Executive, AAI

Sinead Quish – Advertising

Head of Consumer & Digital Marketing, Dublin Airport

Elizabeth Sheehan – Advertising

Consultant specialising in marketing & sustainability strategy

Kyla O’Kelly – Agency

Director, Javelin Group

Kate O’Leary – Agency

Managing Partner, Mindshare

Charley Stoney – Agency

Chief Executive, IAPI

Bob Hughes – Media

Executive Director, Local Ireland

Suzanne McElligott – Media

Chief Executive - IAB Ireland

Antony Whittall – Media

Commercial Operation, RTE

Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee is responsible for evaluating and dealing with complaints. The Complaints Committee comprises of members with a background in the advertising industry and those who do not have an advertising background.  The structure of the Committee ensures that the majority of members are not employed in, or have a background in, the advertising industry. These members have an interest and expertise in relevant areas such as consumer protection, child and adolescent welfare, the sciences and community issues. The Committee at present comprises an independent Chairperson and 12 members. 

Brian O’Gorman

Partner, Arthur Cox

Lisa Buckley

Communications and Programmes Director, NewsBrands Ireland

Derek Doyle

Production Director, Boys + Girls.

Paul Hannah

Deputy Director for Consumer Enforcement, CCPC

Amy O’Shaughnessy

Head of Brand, Energia Group

Denise Manning

Ad Clearance, RTE.

Declan McLoughlin

Director, Codes & Rules, Coimisiún na Meán

Clare Mulcahy

Commission for Aviation Regulation

Fergus O’Toole

Commission for the Regulation of Utilities

Anne Parle-McDermott

Professor and Principal Investigator Molecular Genetics Laboratory, DCU