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Copy Advice Service

Our free copy advice service allows a prospective ad to be checked against the Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland. 

The copy advice service is available for advertisers, agencies, media and promoters who plan to advertise in Ireland. 

Important: The advice provided by our copy advice team is an authoritative opinion only. It is not binding on the Advertising Standards Authority, and it is not legal advice. 

Request Free Copy Advice

Email Please include a copy of your proposed advertisement or marketing communication.  If you are only at the planning stage and want to check an idea, please provide as much detail as possible.


Our copy advice service is free of charge.

Frequently asked questions - Copy Advice

Email Please include a copy of your prosposed advertisement or marketing communication. 

Our copy advice a service is free of charge.

We do not provide copy advice on advertisements to unrelated third parties.

No. It is not definitive advice as to whether a proposed marketing communication or sales promotion would, if later complained about, lead to a finding by the Complaints Committee that it did or did not conform to the Code.  Rather, it is an authorative opinion.