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Dave Trott
Niamh Hodnett
Mark Little
Claire O'Rourke

Trust in an Untrusting Word

Advertising Standards Authority Event

Trust challenges: the impact on businesses and consumers and how getting it right matters.


We were delighted to hold our event in Dublin in May 2024 and to see attendees for such a wide range of backgrounds including advertising, the public, government agencies.


We look forward to organizing more events. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on the next one. 

Missed our event?

Watch the recording of the full event here.


Miriam Hughes

Chair, Advertising Standards Authority

Miriam welcomed attendees to the event, and emphasised the crucial role of trust for businesses and the public and the necessity of adapting to change.

Claire O'Rourke

Research Director, Dentsu

Claire presented some interesting findings from ASA’s latest survey regarding Trust in Advertising in Ireland.

Niamh Hodnett

Online Safety Commissioner, Coimisiún na Meán

Niamh discussed the advertising regulatory landscape in Ireland, the Online Safety Framework and shared information on the new Online Safety Code and disinformation. 

Dave Trott

Creative director, copywriter and author.

Dave offers a candid perspective on the key principles of trust in advertising, discussing where companies have failed in the past and the difference between “claiming trust” and “earning trust.”

Mark Little interviewed by Gary Joyce

Journalist, Entrepreneur

Mark explores the surge of AI, its impact on traditional media, the issue of disinformation, and future strategies for brand communication.

Orla Twomey

Chief Executive, Advertising Standards Authority

Orla shares ASA’s strategy for the future, the important of collaboration for regulation, and what to expect from ASA in the near future.