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The Advertising Standards Authority has partnered with the Irish Film Classification Office

The Advertising Standards Authority have partnered with the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) to streamline the process for complaints relating to advertising in cinema, including commercial promotions for cinema that run in other media outlets. Under the partnership, IFCO will direct complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority for further review and adjudication.

IFCO, who are the regulatory body responsible for classifying films exhibited in cinemas throughout Ireland, will now include a link to the Advertising Standards Authority website in their complaints procedure.

The Advertising Standards Authority and IFCO will also meet annually to exchange and discuss data on any relevant trends.

"We are delighted to partner with IFCO, an organisation with extensive experience and knowledge of the Irish film industry. The mission of the Advertising Standards Authority is to foster trust in advertising for all, and this partnership highlights our shared commitment to protecting consumers. By joining forces with IFCO, we hope to streamline the process for consumers and work together to exchange data and insights, cultivating a shared understanding of industry trends.”

"IFCO’s work is focused on classifying features, shorts and trailers shown in cinema. The IFCO Strategy Statement 2023-2025 included a commitment to review our Classification Guidelines and as part of this process we identified the need to provide clarity on the rules applying to cinema advertising. The Advertising Standards Authority’s Code upholds the highest standards of marketing communications in Ireland and addresses all the relevant requirements. By working together, we aim to address any concerns raised by audiences about advertising promptly and effectively. This partnership further reiterates our commitment to safeguarding citizens and ensuring the public are informed and protected from inappropriate, harmful, or illegal content “

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