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ASAI Announces New Chairman

28th June 2013

Sean O'Meara
Sean O’Meara

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) today announced that the Board of the Authority has appointed Mr. Sean O’Meara, as its new Chairman, with effect from 1st July.  Mr. O’Meara replaces Mr. Ed. McCumiskey, who will relinquish the position of Chairman on 30th June.

Mr. O’Meara has had a long career in the Advertising Industry and held senior positions both with advertisers and agencies.  He also served as Chairman of the Joint National Readership Survey. A biography for Sean is enclosed.

For information contact

Ms. Orla Twomey, Assistant Chief Executive
Tel: 353 16137044

Sean O’Meara – Brief Overview of Career

Beecham of Ireland

1970 – 1975
Sales Administration Manager.

HB Unilever
1975 – 1978
Product Group Manager.

Beecham of Ireland
1978 – 1980
Product Group Manager/Marketing Manager.

Hunter Advertising
1980 – 1986
Account Director.

Young Advertising
1986 – 1988
Board Director and Account Director for a range of their larger clients.
1988 – 1994
Managing Director.
1994 – 2002

Chief Executive Officer plus the additional role of Chairman of Lopex Ireland, the UK Group to which Young Advertising belonged.

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